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Silhouette Crafting Set for Cameo Blades, Adaptors and Tools

Rose Gold
Maker Blue

Organize the way you work! This is the dynamic duo of sets. The dream team made up of Tool and Blade Organizer for Silhouette Cameo and Desktop Weeding Waste Bin. Keep all your tools right where you need them for all your crafting fun. 

Plus, save more than $10 when you buy the set. Who doesn't love to save? 

Description of Organizer include:

  • Slots in the front to custom fit up to six Cameo blades and adaptors.
  • A long slot immediately behind the blades to store all of your scrapers
  • Two tiered back rows to store weeding tools, pens, and scissors.
  • Two side pockets with plenty of space to store a rotary blade and brayer, or any other crafting tool for the project you are working on.
  • Silicone feet to protect your works surface, and prevent slipping. We have to admit the feet were for function but they sure do finish off the elegant look of the organizer.
  • 10 accent band colours on white to choose from

This custom designed organizer is 3D printed, using eco-friendly plastic because we care about mother earth.

 Our rounded feminine design is the perfect addition to your craft room After all isn’t creating the perfect craft space part of the hobby?

Description of Desktop Weeding Waste Bin:

No more fighting to get those tiny bits off your weeding tool. Simply scrape them along the flexible teeth and watch them fall into the plastic bag. When you are done, simply remove the outer sleeve, collect the bag and throw it away. We designed it to fit a standard dog waste 9" bag, add a new one off the roll we send you to get you started.

  • Two pieces: inner basket to put bag in and the outer sleeve slides down over top for a snug fit, and a beautiful feminine look
  • Comes with a roll of bags to get you started, but it does take a standard 9" dog waste bag
  • Custom designed for the vinyl and HTV crafter to eliminate frustration and time at clean up
  • Designed to be sturdy with silicone feet on the bottom to protect your work surface and prevent slipping 
  • 3D printed with eco-friendly plastics. A harder one for the outer shell and inner basket and a softer, more flexible one on the teeth to ease removal of vinyl off the weeding tool

Carefully designed and engineered to maximize space and minimize the amount of material needed. We really do care about our footprint and we are so picky about materials. Every organizer goes through a hand finishing process to ensure we only ship out the best.

 NOTE: Tools and accessories in the photos are NOT included. Silhouette America® is a registered trademark of SILHOUETTE AMERICA, INC.


Tool and Blade Organizer for Silhouette (tools and blades are not included)

Weeding Waste Bin and a roll of bags (tool not included)

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