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Organizer for Cricut® Pens and Cutting Tools with Side Pockets

Rose Gold
Maker Blue

Imagine if all your Cricut Pens, and QuickSwap tools were all organized and easy to access in a quick and pretty way instead of jingling around the door of your Cricut Maker or floating around a basket or cup. Plus there are spots to hold the new Cricut Foil Transfer Tips! 

No more wasting time and energy rooting through baskets and cups for your Cricut Tools with this custom designed, 3D printed cutting tool and pen organizer. With enough space to hold six housings and five tips you are ready to cut, deboss, score and more. We thought of it all- perfectly designed to work the way you do in your crafting space. If you like to keep your Cricut cutting tools and pens near your machine then this is the organizer for you.

Just picture your next project, and when your Cricut Maker prompts you to switch tips or pen colours, it's easy and all together. Working the way you do. 

Choose from a selection of accent colours to match your machine or space.


  • Tiered design for easy sorted access to all your pens/ markers. They are easy to see, easy to grab, easy to put away.
  • Designed to store your Cricut pens cap side down to prevent drying out
  • Space for the whole 30 Cricut pen set.
  • 2 Side pockets for extra blade storage
  • Feminine rounded end pockets for your extra pens.
  • Hold all your extra tool housings in the 6 holders.
  • Tool housing holder has deep recess to make it easy to see what blade is in the housing for easy changes.
  • Five easy access slots for QuickSwap tool tips.
  • Two holes for Cricut Foil Transfer Tips
  • Rounded feminine design
  • New design offers a wider accent band in a choice of colours to match your crafting area. After all isn’t creating the perfect crafting space all part of the hobby?
  • Silicone feet to protect your work surface and prevent slipping. We have to admit, the feet were for function, but they sure do finish off the look.
  •  3D Printed using eco-friendly plastic because we care about mother earth.
  • Carefully designed to maximize space and minimize the amount of materials needed- we really do care about our footprint.

NOTE: Tools and accessories are not included. Cricut® is a registered trademark of Cricut Inc.

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