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Tool and Blade Organizer for Cricut® Explore Air

Rose Gold
Maker Blue

You have an Explore Air Cricut® machine, and you need space to organize all those blade housings and your weeding tools. 

This organizer is the perfect all-in-one organizer for those who either work in a smaller space and would like all their Cricut blades and weeding tools to be in one place. 

No more searching around your work space for lost tools or digging through baskets for the housing with this custom designed, 3D printed organizer. With 8 slots in the back for scissors, weeding tools and tweezers, slots for scrapers, and side pockets for 5 blade housings and two spots for the new Cricut foil transfer tips. 

Organize the way you work. Keep it all together in one place. Just imagine your next project with all your tools are in one convenient place.

Choose from a selection of accent colours to match your machine or your crafting space. The new design has a wider accent colour.

  • Tiered design for easy sorted access to all your tools: easy to see, easy to grab, easy to put away so tools don’t get lost under a mountain of vinyl or card stock in the middle of a project.
  • Eight carefully designed slots for perfect fit across the back for all your weeding tools or even pens.
  • One large scraper slot, tiered to a lower level with two more slots for small scrapers.
  • The rounded end pockets on the left hold three blade housings, on each side, and two blade housings on the right as well as two holes for Cricut Foil Transfer Tips 
  • Rounded feminine design with a choice of accent colours to match your crafting area. After all isn’t creating the perfect crafting space all part of the hobby?
  • Silicone feet to protect your work surface and prevent slipping. We have to admit, the feet were for function, but they sure do finish off the look.
  • 3D Printed using eco-friendly plastic because we care about mother earth.
  • Carefully designed to maximize space and minimize the amount of materials needed- we really do care about our footprint.

NOTE: Tools and accessories not included. Cricut® is a registered trademark of Cricut Inc.


Customer Reviews

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Rebecca Durance Hine (Ontario, Canada)
Amazing Customer Service and Product!

Canada Post lost my order of the Cricut organizer, and Shelley was so amazing! She sent me a new one quickly at no cost, and besides that, my sister absolutely loved the organizer. Great product and amazing service! Definitely recommend :)