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TeckWrap Heat Transfer Vinyl

Heat Transfer Solid Colour

-Create your design 

-Place your HTV shiny side down. All of our products come with a sticker on them to show you which side to put down on the mat. 

-Choose Everyday Iron On setting on your Cricut Machine.

-Don't forget to mirror your image before you cut. The reason for this is that you are actually cutting the backside of the HTV. Once it's cut, weed the design.

-Press at 300 degrees F. for 20 seconds in your heat press at medium pressure. (add an additional 10 seconds if you are using a household iron or Easy Press and apply as much pressure as possible)

Heat Transfer Vinyl needs two things for best long lasting adhesion. The right temperature and lot of pressure. For this reason if you are using an iron or an Easy Press, make sure it's on a very solid surface you can press down on. 

-Wait for the material to cool and peel the carrier sheet away very slowly. If it appears to be lifting, press again. If you are using a household iron, you can't determine the temperature you are using, so keep apply heat, let it cool and then peel the carrier sheet away until it is adhered.

With a heat press, once you let it cool, peel the sheet off. The reason being is that the vinyl may start to lift if it is not cooled. 

Once your HTV is properly applied, allow the adhesive to cure for 24 hours before washing. For best results wash inside out and dry on a low temperature. 

If you temperature is too hot it can cause your vinyl to melt, so if it's lifting, it's always better to give it more pressure/ time than to increase the heat.