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About US

Shelley here! I love to create and receiving a Cricut Maker as a gift from my hubby Jeff was amazing. I immediately got busy making all sorts of gifts and home decor items. Christmas was around the corner and I was the crafting queen. My craft room became a Santa’s workshop, and there were tools everywhere!

While working away I would often lament to Jeff about how I wished there was a way to organize my tools better because I was forever losing them and would spend more time hunting for them than working. Then I had a light bulb moment and asked Jeff if there would be something he could make on his 3D printer to organizer all the tools and accessories that come with this hobby.

The first result was amazing, and basic. Then I said let’s make it pretty to match my crafting area. Another version and another version and another version were born. After much thought and careful measurement, we created a design that was soft and feminine and met all my needs.

There was a place to store the blades and accessories for the machine, and organized slots in the back for all the tools. It was perfect... until along came another epiphany. Thank goodness Jeff is a patient man because then I said it would be great if I could actually have two different organizers. One to keep near my machine and one near where I work. Back to the design work Jeff went and created another two designs. It was brilliant. My markers, tools and accessories could all be neatly stored near my machine in one organizer. The other organizer was tiered to organize all my weeding tools that I could keep right by my side as I worked away on a project.

From there the engineer and designer in Jeff worked to add an accent colour, and designed it so the accent colour would be seen from a top view. A tweak here and there topped off with some silicone feet to stop it from sliding around and we had three different designs.

Being super excited about what he created for me, I shared his 3D printed creations in a Facebook group and instantly we were overwhelmed with the response from other crafters that were looking for the exact same thing.

Realizing that others were looking for the same thing, and having the tools and design skills, Shelley and Jeff opened Uniquely Whynot to share these creations with the world. We are having so much fun with this!! Having the opportunity to connect with other makers has been amazing.

We are excited and honoured to serve you, so please reach out to us. After all creators like you are our people.

 Happy Crafting!!

xo Shelley & Jeff