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How to Apply a Decal

When I make a decal with my Cricut for someone, I get asked all the time for instructions on how to apply it. Learn how to apply a decal like a pro. 

I have broken the process down into steps to make it easy.

First of all your decal should be applied as soon as possible while it's still nice and flat so it doesn't wrinkled.

Secondly, you'll want to make sure the temperature is over 10 degrees Celcius and if you are applying it to a vehicle, you'll want to make sure there is no rain in the forecast for 24 hours so the decal can cure once it's applied. If it's on the chillier side out, and you are applying it to your car, turn it on and put the rear window defroster on or let the sun warm the surface up.

About vehicle applications: make sure you place the decal away from any windshield wipers, and avoid using snow and ice scrapers on them because it can damage the decal. Gently dust off any snow in the winter and let the window defroster do the work.

You can apply your decal to your car, a laptop or tablet. Just about any surface. My next project is to label all my food storage containers in the kitchen with cute decals.  I love peacocks, so I made this cute decal for my computer. 

SUPPLIES: You'll need a few supplies.

1. The decal you are applying.

2. Rubbing alcohol

3. Either cotton balls or a some paper towel,

4. A vinyl applicator or a credit card.

Now that you are ready, let's get this puppy applied.

Step 1

Clean the surface that the decal is being applied to with the rubbing alcohol with either the cotton ball or paper towel. Then let it dry. It doesn't take long.

 Step 2

Peel the backing off the transfer tape half way across the decal. 

Step 3

Place the half that is exposed on the surface you are applying it to and press it down with your vinyl applicator or credit card.

Step 4

Continue to remove second half of the backing carefully and apply the rest of the decal as you go smoothing it down with your applicator.

Step 5

Now that the decal is on the surface, and your transfer tape is still on, take your vinyl applicator or credit card and rub it firmly from the centre point out in all directions of the decal. This will remove any air bubbles and ensure it is well attached.

Step 6

Since we aren't going to be one of those people that leave the transfer tape on, we will remove it. Grab one of the corners and slowly and gently peel away the transfer tape at about a 45 degree angle. 

Ta-da! You now have a decal applied to your surface and can brag about your decal applying skills to your friends and family. Maybe I'm the only one that does that. Go ahead and join me, you earned the bragging rights.