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How Do I Organize My Small Craft Space? I Share How I Organize My Craft Room

Organizing your craft room or craft space if you don’t have a whole room can feel a little like herding cats. I have a very small space to work in, so I need to be organized. I also run my other business in the same area and do a lot of video consulting so not only is being organized important, it’s also critical that I can hide at all.

My space is super simple, but I will share with you starting with a view from the doorway.

Office desk, craft table and computer with chair

I decided to put together a list of my top craft room organization strategies and you’ll see how much I love IKEA and my Cricut Maker and well, all things Cricut actually.

First off for me I need my computer area to be tidy partly because my four-legged assistant Salem insists on being right by my side all day every day, and this guy likes his space. I need that area to stay tidy while I use Cricut Design Space and work at my other job. When I video conference with a client, I can quickly tidy a crafting mess and transform the space into a consulting office.

Have you ever been certain you are slowly being buried alive in vinyl or paper during a project?

One rule that I made for myself is to clean up after every mini project and start fresh with the next. If I’m working on a vinyl HTV project and have a card to make next, I tidy all my materials and tools up before starting the next project.

Don’t get me wrong I love the creative messy process as much as anyone else, but it loses the fun if I’m hunting for tools more than I’m making stuff. My desk, my craft table and my Cricut Maker cabinet and shelf all have a purpose.

 I have my crafting organization broken down into categories so let’s dive in.

 My Crafting Tools Organization

Last year when I got my Cricut Maker I very quickly discovered how annoying it is to dig for blades, tips and pens in a cup. Oh, and let’s not forget weeding tools. Let’s just say there was a lot of cursing over lost tools buried under mountains of weeded materials. 

However, I am grateful for that mess because our little business making 3D printed organizers for Cricut tools and accessories wouldn’t exist were it not for my frustrations. 

As for how I organize my area, I have my Cricut Maker sitting up on top of the cabinet that my vinyl is stored in. Once I settled on that being the home of my machine and printer, I realized I needed something to organize my pens, blades, housings and QuickSwap tips that are used with my machine. That was when we designed the organizer that is strictly for the machine so it can just stay right there with my Cricut Cutie overseeing every cut! 

Cricut Maker with tool and pen organizer with Cutie


Down on my crafting table I have a custom designed organizer to hold all my weeding tools. It stays on my table and I no longer lose tools. It also looks so pretty because after all, part of this crafting world is making your space look pretty too, right?


Craft table with Weeding Tools organizer, Cricut Easy press, and view of craft table 

When I first got my machine, I used the all in one organizer, but that meant hauling it back and forth from the machine to the craft table and sort of defeated the purpose. It’s a good solution if you don’t have many tools and blades and your machine is right where you work.

Besides my 3D printed tool organizers, I also have an Ikea peg board on the wall at one end of my table. That is where I store my Cricut mats, and rotary blade mats. I also have my rulers hanging there for easy access and have a tray holding my paints. The great thing about this solution is that you can organize it any way you like. It just keeps all the other tools I use handy.


Paper Organization

If you make cards and or scrapbook you have a ton of papers around. My next project was converting a Billy cabinet into a paper sorter for my letter size paper and cardstock. I have so many different types and the way they were stacked meant digging through them. If I had one of those sprawling rooms or a She Shed, I would totally have it all out on display in one of those pretty racks, but I don’t. I will keep dreaming of the day. 

As for my scrapbooking papers, I have them organized and sorted for quick and easy access. I do a lot of digital scrapbooking, so my papers are used way more for card making. There are dividers that are all labelled to keep solid colours and printed papers all sorted for quick access.

 Vinyl Organization

When I first got my Cricut Maker I ordered a little sampler pack of 12 x 12 631 and 651 Oracal vinyl off of Amazon. Well this little sampler pack got me started and doing more and soon I discovered a store here in Ontario called Sign Supply Canada for a fraction of the price. I quickly amassed a collection of vinyl rolls. The bags they came in, worked well for the sheets, but as I got more and more rolls I needed a solution. Following the lead of all the people buying up the Ikea bag holders to use as vinyl roll holders, I quickly hopped on board. I hated it. I found it flimsy and they took up way too much space. Remember, I don’t have much space to work with. Once again hubby to the rescue with a custom designed solution.

 Cabinet filled with rolls of vinyl mounted on dowels with Cricut Maker and tool organizer on top

I love my solution because it takes a fraction of the space and I can hold up to 103 rolls on that baby. Again, because I used my space as an office as well, we put it in the cabinet that my Maker sits on and I can just close the door. All the furniture in our space is from Ikea (I told you we are bit obsessed). Another reason I like to keep my vinyl all behind doors is to reduce dust. 3D printing can be dusty business, so it protects my collection of vinyl.

Not sure what to do with all those little pieces that are left over? I had them in a 12 x 12 storage box, but recently put them in a scrapbook so I can see more easily what I have. Bonus, the scrapbook can sit on a shelf and takes up a fraction of the space.

 Scrapbook filled with vinyl scraps

My Craft Table Organizaton

So, by now, you likely guessed that my crafting table also came from Ikea. I love their modular designs that can be customized to the fit the space. They are sturdy unlike those plastic folding tables and have a very smooth surface for working on.

Of course, my weeding tools organizer sits on my craft table, but I have a pen only organizer on my desk as well that holds all my Flair pens. I am actually thinking I’ll put my gel pens in one as well since the organizer that they came in is hard to get the pens in and out of and the kids always just ditch them instead of fighting to get them back in. Actually, both of my kids now have a couple of pen organizers on their desks to store their pencil crayons and markers. They love to draw and it’s so much better than having them tossed in a basket and digging.

You can see it all in the photo above.

As well, I have a Life Changing Brush holder on my desk. It was one of our customers that asked us to make something to hold the brushes so that the bristles don’t touch and are easy to grab and put back. If you do card making and use any blending brushes, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

The last thing I will mention about my craft table is my OttLite. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this light. It’s so handy for working on detailed projects. I include it in this post because it has storage underneath and I’ll be honest it becomes my junk collector. Right now I have Michaels coupons, a package of throat lozenges and some odds and ends in it looking super messy. I do love the light though!

Everything else is still a work in progress. I have been almost a year picking away and still have other areas to tackle. I have another cabinet that has all the other bling and crafting materials I use and I will be honest there are Michael’s bags sitting around with craft materials that have yet to find a home. I’ll get there and update you as I go.

I would love to hear all about your craft room storage solutions. Please connect and share with me. Comment below or shoot me a DM on Instagram. How do you organize your craft space?