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Gift Ideas for Cricut Crafters

The holiday season is underway and if you have a friend or family member that loves to make stuff with their Cricut cutting machine, then this Christmas gift guide for Cricut Crafters will point you in the right direction.

I have created a list of the best gifts any Cricut user would love to see under the Christmas tree this year.

You really can’t go wrong buying accessories for a crafty friend or spouse. In fact they will love you for it. I mean, I was so excited last Christmas when my 13 year old bought me a Cricut brayer. He had no idea what it was for, but seemed pretty proud of himself. 

Maybe you are here because your wife has given you this guide for ideas and highlighted it in all her favourite neon colours, and maybe you just stumbled on us searching gifts for Cricut crafters. Either way, we have loads of ideas for you.

I put together my list of all my favourites in the hopes of helping you. I'll start with our Tool Organizers because your crafter likely doesn't have a 3D printed tool organizer for all their Cricut accessories. 

Gift Ideas for the Cricut Crafter 

  1. Cricut Tool Organizer Set

Any Cricut owner will tell you how much of a pain in the butt it is to have all those blades, and tips floating around the door of the Maker or in a cup or drawer. I have selected our two best options to help any crafter in your house get their tools and blades all organized.

This ultimate set is a go to gift because it offers any Cricut crafter the best of both worlds, and it doesn’t have to break the bank. In fact if you are giving a Maker for Christmas, receiving an organizer for all the tools and blades that come with it is a must have.

The one organizer keeps all the blades, Quick Swap Housings and tips all neatly organized for fast and easy swapping. Hence the name! It’s not so quick when you have to dig for them stabbing yourself along the way.

In fact our little 3D printing business was born out of the frustrations I had with trying to organize my stash of supplies. As it turns out hundreds of other people have the same issue. Believe me, if any crafter in your life has a Cricut they need this and it’s not too expensive at $64.99 for the set.

If you are needing something a little bit more budget friendly, then the all in one at $37.99 is a great option too. It just means all the tools and blades are stored together. Either way, the person you are gifting this to will love you for it.

If you know the colour of their machine, then great just choose that colour when placing your order. If you really aren’t sure, we offer a nice neutral grey as well that will match any space or machine. We actually just completed a survey and we were shocked the colour wasn’t all that important. 

If you are stumped and not sure which one to order, feel free to reach out and we can chat about your options. I talk to husbands and moms and sisters all the time that are a bit confused and need some help deciding.

 Price range: $37.99 to $64.99



  1. Cricut Maker

    So your loved one has an older Cricut machine and they are looking to upgrade. The newest Cricut Maker is amazing because it handles way more materials than any of the other machines. It can do everything from cutting leather, balsa wood and even fabric. It comes in many different colours and even a neutral champagne colour.

    I would recommend you buy your machine at either Michael’s or right from Cricut. They are always offering amazing bundles to get all those tools that I was talking about along with the machine. That would go nicely with one of our organizers to store it all in.

     Price range: $349 and up



    1. Cricut Quick Swap Tips and Housings

    QuickSwap Tools and housing

    The latest thing that Cricut came out with was all these amazing tools that you can attach to the Cricut Maker machine to make really cool things with. Just grab a Quick Swap housing and a few of the Quick Swap tips.  The machine comes with the standard blade which is great most of the time, but if you are wanting extra kisses under the mistletoe, then adding a few of these to a stocking is a great way to get those extra smooches. Speaking of which, extra blades are always a great stocking stuffer. I wish they lasted longer than they do.

    Price range: $20 to $50



    1. A New Cricut Tool Set
    Cricut Tool Set for weeding

      The basic tool set by Cricut is amazing because it has all the basic tools a Cricut crafter needs. Even if they already have a few, I guarantee they will be thrilled with a new set and if you watch you can often get different coloured tips. 

       Price range: $16 and up




      1. Cricut Pens
      Ultimate Fine point pen set 30 pens

        The software Design Space that is used to create all the amazing designs has hundreds of fonts that can be used with the Cricut pens. They write using the machine. It's awesome. There are different tips from fine point to calligraphy to choose from. A set of basic colours from the Cricut pen set is a must have. Also, did you know that our organizer holds a whole set along with the blades and quick swap tips? See, we thought of everything.

         Price range: $7 to $35



        1. Easy Press2

          You may see glorified iron but this Easy Press2 will make any Cricut crafter do a happy dance unlike any you have seen. If they are new to this whole world, I would definitely go with the Easy Press2 because it gets hotter than their original and your Cricut crafter will be able to use the new Infusible Inks that Cricut came out with in the summer of 2019 even if they aren’t starting there. They can cut heat transfer vinyl and become a shirt making queen! The Easy press comes in three different sizes and there is even a mini now. I have the biggest one and the mini. The small is great if onsies are all your Cricut crafter is making. If not then either the medium or large are a great choice. If you just want to give the a taste, or suspect they do a lot of smaller projects, the mini is a great option too.

           Price range: $49 to $179



          1. Infusible Ink
          Infusible Ink Cricut

            If you are feeling adventurous, you could dive right on in with a set of Cricut Infusible Ink pens or a box of the ink infused paper along with a Cricut T-shirt or tote or a set of coasters for your Cricut crafter to whip up something amazing.

             Price range: $5 to $35



            If I were Oprah, this would be my list of favourite things. Since I'm not, this is Shelley's list of favourite things. Let me know if you have any questions. I'm happy to chat about all the options out there. Whatever you pick off this list, you will have a happy Cricut crafter for sure. 

            Happy Holidays & Happy Shopping